MERAKI LAB comes to life

For Buckminster Fuller, innovation was a process able to radically transform a scenario that could not answer the needs of a new time. This innovation is quite more related to understanding and reshaping the big social, digital and environmental current transformations than to applying the proper techniques and methods associated to the innovation and design practice (design thinking, human-oriented design, lean startup, etc.).

Innovative enterprises and institutions are therefore those that work hard to determine the future, to find new ways, set new trends and push other consumption and production models different than those driven by following a mere human-centered design approach. Albert Einstein said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

From these ideas MERAKI LAB is born, a participatory innovation consultancy that finds value in the innovation that flows from putting to work together with our designers a scientist, a retired teacher, a nutritionist, a manager or even a grandma. In our company the role of the designer is not set and blurs among stakeholders. This allows the final solution to be valuable, innovative and above all meaningful to the planet and its people who will ultimately benefit from.

When a project comes to our hands, we understand the complexities of challenges and analyze its magnitude from a systemic point of view. This way we design a tailored project team choosing carefully the members from a growing international network of 200+ professionals, experts, associations and individuals.

On the backstage there is an in-house team of designers, analysts, anthropologists, journalists, engineers, architects and policy makers who come together to design following a systemic design approach in order to make all this magic happen.

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C. Moreno

Conce Moreno is a systemic and strategic designer and also the founder of MERAKI LAB. With a background in Law and Business Administration, she is passionate about designing hollistically, delivering valuable services and solutions. A writer by day and a reader by night, she enjoys the small things of life, her family, the art, languages and food.

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