You could be a guest designer!

We have an international growing network of 200+ merakiers that work with us in specific projects.

There is unique added value when a solution comes from a design team composed of multidisciplinar professionals with different backgrounds.

For example: biologists, teachers, web developers, mothers and fathers, students, architects, engineers, anthropologists, researchers, scientists, physicians, psychologists, mathematicians, lawyers, politicians, experts in big data, blockchain, sociologists, historians, writers and authors, painters, singers, etc.

We also look for and want to include minorities and people with disabilities in the design team because we want them to be empowered to define and redesign the world they are living in.

If you are a retired professional we also encourage you to contribute to MERAKI LAB with your knowledge and experience.

In our company the role of designer isn’t set and blurs among stakeholders. This allows the final solution to be valuable, innovative and above all meaningful to the planet and its people who will ultimately benefit from.


–  Have access to complex projects with interesting clients.
–  High flexibility & decision making power without internal responsibilities.
–  Systemic Design training and practice.
–  Contribute to create different future scenarios.